Better Cheaper Faster Penang Transport Master Plan

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Penang Forum, a coalition of NGOs and civil activists in Penang, had on 13th July 2016 launched an alternative Transport Master Plan called ‘Better Cheaper Faster Penang Transport Master Plan’ (BCF Plan). The launch of the BCF Plan report, and its website ( was held in the Women’s Centre for Change (WCC) building at 10am, […]

The Penang Judge’s Residence on World Heritage Day – Khoo Salma Nasution

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As we approach World Heritage Day, we should reflect on the state of heritage in Malaysia today. UNESCO recommends that April 18 be observed as the “International Day for Monuments and Sites”by all its member states, including Malaysia.  According to the National Heritage Department’s statistics, 50 buildings and monuments in the country have been gazetted […]