The Urban Conservation Network in Asia and Its Future

The Urban Conservation Network in Asia and Its Future

Penang Heritage Trust co-organised a symposium which brought together 14 heritage organisations and speakers from 10 Asian countries, namely: Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Bhutan, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar and Malaysia.


Gallery from the event:

Video presentation:
[Video not found] The full report from the symposium can be downloaded here and the souvenir programme here.

The details of the programme are as follow:-

The Urban Conservation Network in Asia and Its Future:
Heritage, Cultural Identities and Asian Dynamism
12-14 January 2013, George Town World Heritage Site

The Asia and West-Pacific Network for Urban Conservation (AWPNUC) was established in 1991 and the participating citizens’ organizations have continued their exchange of experience and know-how up to the present. In the last 20 years, the situation of urban conservation by citizens’ organizations has advanced in many participating cities, and as a result, some cities have been listed as the UNESCO world heritage sites. On the other hand, although Asian cities enjoy rapid economic growth, urban heritage and historic communities in most of these cities are still in crisis. We need new strategies to keep up with Asian dynamism based on local knowledge and traditional approaches, to conserve all historic communities and help them to survive the powerful impacts of global economy.

The symposium promoted the exchange of opinions about recent heritage activities in Asian cities and the promotion of citizens’ networks in the future, from the viewpoint of global society, living communities including intangible cultural heritage, and the survival of local cultural identities. At the same time, we would like to build a new flexible Asian network by making better use of web platforms and social media.

Organised by Nara Machizukuri Center, Japan. Made possible by a grant from the Asian Neighbors Program by Toyota Foundation.

Penang co-organisers: Penang Heritage Trust and Lestari Heritage Network. With the support of George Town World Heritage Incorporated, the Penang State Government and Think City Sdn Bhd.

Participating Organisations 

Japan:              Nara Machizukuri Center

Korea:              Seoul Bookchon Cultural Forum

China:              Huaquiao University, Xiamen

Taiwa:              Taiwan Institute of Historical Resources Management

Bhutan:            Bhutan National Heritage Foundation

Cambodia:       Khmer Architecture Tours

Indonesia:        Indonesian National Heritage Trust | Aceh Heritage Community Foundation |Badan Warisan Sumatra

Thailand:         Thai ICOMOS |Chiang Mai Urban Development Institute Foundation | Phuket Community Foundation

Malaysia:         Penang Heritage Trust


Day 1 – Saturday, 12 January

Short tour of George Town followed by presentation of George Town World Heritage Site –  approaches to territorial urban conservation in the UNESCO George Town World Heritage Site, presented by Penang Heritage Trust, Arts-Ed and George Town World Heritage Incorporated.

Day 2 – Sunday, 13 January

Full-day conference by international speakers from selected participating organisations. This event is open to the public (with admission fee)

Day 3 – Monday, 14 January

Internal meeting of NGOs (closed meeting for NGOS, non-NGO participants can attend as observers)