30th Anniversary Celebrations

The Lost Tribe of Chetti Melaka – Who Are We?

Date: 7th August 2016 (Sunday)

Time: 4pm – 6pm

Venue: MBPP Town Hall, Esplanade

Admission Fee: Free of Charge

The Peranakan Indians in Singapore, also known as Chetti Melaka, trace their roots to South Indian traders who came to Malacca 500 years ago. They intermarried with local Chinese and Malays to produce a hybrid peranakan community that survived the Malacca Sultanate and 500 years of Portuguese, Dutch and British rule in Malacca. Today the community is small and lives in Kampong Chetty, Malacca.

This lecture given by a leading member of the community will address this gap in identity. Entitled The Lost Tribe of Chetti Melaka – Who Are We? it traces the community’s history, geography and culture, addresses the dilemma of diasporic identity and suggests solutions to preserve the community’s legacy and heritage.

David Bok David Bok was the last secretary of the Chetti Melaka (Peranakan Indian) Association of Singapore and directed the symposium with the same title as this lecture, in October 2014 at the Asian Civilisations Museum. David teaches the Bible in cross cultural and inter-religious contexts. He is active in the heritage preservation of the Chetti Melaka community in Singapore and Malaysia. He is also a professional storyteller, telling religious, humorous, personal and dramatic stories to adult audiences.

For more information and registration, kindly write to info@pht.org.my or call +604 264 2631. Seats are limited