Talk on “Urban Civil Society in British Malaya, 1900-1940: How Middle-Class Asians Learned to Cope with Colonial Rule”

Date: 20 October 2019 (Sunday)

Time: 1.30pm to 3.00pm

Venue: Penang Heritage Trust Office, 26 Church Street 

Fees: RM10(members)/ RM 20(non-members)

RSVP: info@pht.org.my or call +604-2642631

The upcoming PHT Talks will feature Lynn Hollen Lees, Professor of History Emerita at the University of Pennsylvania and author of the book ‘Planting Empire, Cultivating Subjects: British Malaya, 1786-1941.

The talk will focus on the ways of how middle-class Asians adopted to the British colonial rule, and established a new set of norms in the name of equality and ‘public interest’.