PHT Talk: Chulia Cemetery and Traditional Trades

Chulia Cemetery and Traditional Trades

There will be a talk on Chulia Cemetery and Traditional Trades in Lebuh Chulia by Madam Khoo Salma Nasution on 15 March 2015, Sunday at 3.30pm. Please gather at the junction of Lorong Masjid and Lebuh Chulia.

Lebuh Chulia or Chulia Street as it is also known was named after the British term for South Indians, “Chulia”, associated with the ancient Chola kingdom. Several mosques, shrines and cemeteries from the nineteenth century testify to the presence of a large and prosperous South Indian Muslim community in George Town. A small street called Lorong Masjid, off Chulia Street, leads to old Muslim structures and cemetery, whose significance has been all but forgotten.

This small cul-de-sac is perhaps better known as the back entrance to Mr Mook’s traditional Nyonya kuih kitchen which used to supply the delicacies via itinerant traders. The Kuih Nyonya Moh Teng Pheow has now opened a little eatery which we would like to introduce to PHT members. In the vicinity is the Sky Hotel and pre-war buildings, with traditional trades and old businesses such as frame-makers, chemical supplies, antique shops and hardware shops.
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