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PHT 30th Anniversary Celebrations: An Evening on Penang Hill


30th Anniversary Celebrations Presents:An Evening on Penang Hill (featuring special site visit and talk by Mike Gibby)

Date: 14th August 2016

Time: 2pm – 5.30pm

Venue: David Brown Restaurant, Penang Hill

Ticket Price: RM70 (members)/ RM 120 (non-members)

*Ticket price does not include fare up and down Penang Hill. Funicular railway tickets can be bought at the Penang Hill Lower Station.

Penang Heritage Trust, in celebrating its 30th anniversary, is proud to bring to you a special site visit and talk on one of Penang’s jewels – Penang Hill.

This premium site visit is organised to showcase Penang Hill’s rich history, special significance and diversity to the audience of PHT. Not forgetting, as part of the special site visit, audiences will also be brought in and showed around the bungalows that are not easily accessible by public, including Sri Merdeka. Audiences will also be treated to a special walk to ‘The Habitat‘, the latest natural attraction on Penang Hill that allows audience to experience the pristine and serene environment that Penang Hill has to offer.


2.00pm     Registration @ David Brown Restaurant

2.15pm       ‘A Place on the Hill’ by Mike Gibby

3.00pm       Tea @ David Brown Restaurant

3.30pm       Exclusive site visit on Penang Hill

              (Flagstaff hill, Penang Hill square, Sri Merdeka Bungalow, Convalescent Bungalow)

4.45pm       Guided walk on ‘The Habitat’

5.30pm       Adjourn

‘A Place on the Hill’ by Mike Gibby

While we cannot ascertain who was the first person to climb to the top of Penang Hill, nor when that occurred, we do know a flagstaff was erected on the Hill by 1793 where a small military detachment was stationed as lookouts or sentinels.

It was quickly appreciated that the Hill’s summit offered not only expansive views but also respite from the heat on the plain, and within the next 10 years several buildings appeared on the Hill. These were used both for convalescing and also for leisure. A Hill station began to take shape.

 Mike will describe and illustrate some of the changes on Penang Hill / Bukit Bendera over the 200+ years of its subsequent development, and then stroll along Summit Road, visiting Sri Merdeka, Convalescent and Fern Hill bungalows.

About the Speaker

Mike Gibby is a retired British educator, now resident in Penang, whose interests include discovering more about the history of the island as well as photography, walking and cycling. Originally from the UK,  he lived and worked in Singapore for 30 years in a large international school, until retiring in 2011. Throughout those years, Malaysia was a favourite destination for escaping from Singapore for him and his family, and also with student groups. Mike loves the relaxed pace of life, the food, and the friendly welcome. He is the author of two well-received books about Malaysia, Islands of Malaysia (1994) and Crowned with the Stars (2005). His latest book is Street Art Penang Style (2016).

To book your ticket for the special site visit, please contact Penang Heritage Trust at info@pht.org.my or call +604 264 2631. Registration closes at noon of Friday, 12th August.