Penang and the Hajj

Penang and the Hajj

The Penang Story continues:

Penang Story Lecture & Conference: Penang and the Hajj

PENANG STORY LECTURE, Keynote Lecture: The Material World of the Hajj in Colonial-Era Southeast Asia by Eric Tagliacozzo, 18 August (Sunday), 3.30pm-5.00pm at E & O Hotel.

CONFERENCE on PENANG AND THE HAJJ, 17 & 18 August (Saturday & Sunday), 9.00am-5.00pm at E & O Hotel.

  1. Symposium Booklet (pdf)
  2. Keynote address by Prof Eric Tagliocozzo.
  3. Penang and The Hajj conference announcement.
  4. The paper presenters of the conference.
  5. Penang and the Hajj Panels.
  6. Programme Schedule (pdf).

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