Loh-Lim Lin Lee


“My grandmother was marvellous at sewing the most gorgeous kebayas. She was never a professional kebaya maker”.


It has been 8 years since the initiation of the PAPA project (2009) and over time we have reassessed the methodology initially planned. The visions of conserving our traditional skills remain, how they are conserved has had to be reviewed. Reluctance at life choice careers on the part of young apprentices as well as recalcitrance on the part of aged artisans, have led to an evolution of the processes. While certain apprentices have continued to become artisans themselves, a large number of Penangites have learnt a wide range of skills thereby effectively keeping them alive. Workshops and classes open to the community have demonstrated that interest in these skills is not in doubt and classes are oversubscribed. The nets have been cast wider and the traditional skills of Penang are being propagated and continued.


May Yeap Kam Moey

Programme Coordinator

‘It’s part of my passion to share and preserve Penang’s heritage’

May Yeap is the programme coordinator for PAPA since 2012. Her responsibilities include liaising with potential artisans, designing programmes and artisan schedules, maintaining the PAPA workshop space and also promoting PAPA to a wider audience through schools, talks and mini-workshops. Aside from PAPA, May is also a registered tour guide with interest and knowledge on the history and heritage of George Town.



The PAPA Project would not have been possible without the support of:

  • HSBC Bank (M) Berhad
  • Creative Quest Sdn Bhd
  • Yayasan Haji Zainuddin
  • Tanjung Public Limited Company
  • ThinkCity Sdn Bhd