Illegal Demolition of 20 Pykett Avenue

Illegal Demolition of 20 Pykett Avenue


15 Dec 2010

The illegal demolition of 20 Pykett Avenue.

Letter from Resident

Puan, YB and CM,

We wish to highlight to your office again that the illegal demolition of the bungalow at  20 Pykett has caused major repercussions in Penang.

The owners of the land were fined a small sum, this amount is less then 1% of the total GDV of the project.

This is a problem as it is not a deterrent to other developers. It is only logical to disregard the implications of demolishing a building without planning permission and be a irresponsible developer. Pay the fine and that is it. The developer will costs all this into their new project, no big deal. Land costs is rising to a level of 400 per sq foot in town, this is making it more and more lucrative for developers to knock down buildings to develop new mega structures. [no difference if Heritage buildings or not]

Now another bungalow on Burmah Road, opposite Convent Pulau Tikus is under threat. a small difference being that this developer  is a responsible developer, they have applied for planning permission to demolish the bungalow, waiting for approval from MPPP.

What is to stop them from taking it down tomorrow ?? Knock it down and pay a RM6000,00 fine. Precedent has been set by the courts. All the lawyers in town know of this case, they shall advice their clients accordingly. Fair enough, 20 Pykett was not listed as heritage since the ORANGE bungalow is double the fine. Still cheap for a 500million GDV project.

MPPP is also making excuses that they cannot find detail drawings, we have consulted our consultants from Penang and Australia and have been advice that there are other methods available to perform reconstruction on site. MPPP having ordered the owners to unconditionally reconstruct the building, should push for this.

CM it is imperative that action is taken to prevent errant developers from demolishing buildings without planning permission, we note inadequacy in our system, that is why we need to address them.

Our Heritage buildings are not safe !! pay a small fine is not a deterrent.

The oppurtiunity is before the Penang Government and MPPP to stop future illegal demolitions happening, new common law has to be made in courts to protect our heritage buildings. Penang is a UNESCO listed living Heritage city today. This listing has done wonders for Penang.

Thank you for a new Malaysia.

Yours sincerely
Dr. B Nawawi.

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