The Penang Heritage Trust is a non-profit organisation and a registered charity. The organisation consists of many individuals who champion the need to preserve the Penang that we know, love and remember. When we started in 1986, few people in Penang thought about heritage. Today ‘heritage’ is a household word.

In 1998, the Penang Heritage Trust mooted the idea of getting George Town recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After a 10-year campaign, the UNESCO listing was finally conferred in 2008. Government and business now realise that the World Heritage status is vital to the future of Penang. Individuals have invested in heritage properties. Malaysians are taking a new pride in George Town.

We are a non-profit organisation with up to 500 ordinary and life members. Ten elected council members run the Trust as volunteers. We maintain full-time staff at our office, 26 Church Street. We update our members quarterly by mail and more often via email. We organise site visits, talks, workshops, and other events for members almost monthly.

As the interest in Penang and George Town is growing, the rate of urban change and development is also speeding up. The Trust needs to be strengthened to meet the challenges ahead. We work with government, media and stakeholders to ensure the protection of heritage. We receive daily inquiries from visitors as well as ordinary people who are repairing their houses, researching their family history, or distressed about threats to heritage. People look to us for information and advice. They expect “the PHT” to make a stand on every important heritage issue.

We cannot continue to do all this without your help and support. We need funds to advocate for heritage and serve our members and the public. Please help us to look after the Penang that you know, love and remember. Help us to preserve Penang’s heritage for future generations. Make a tax-exempt donation to the Penang Heritage Trust today.

Donations above RM100 are exempted from income tax under Section 4 (6) of the Income Tax Act 1967 (as per letter of approval of LHDN 01/35/42/51/179-6.3800). 

Please donate today!


Note: If you have donated a minimum of RM 100 and require a tax-exempt receipt, please email us at with the subject heading ‘Donation to PHT’.