The PHT – 7 Terraces Living Heritage Treasures Awards






Intangible Cultural Heritage encompasses the wealth of traditional knowledge, skills and practices of members of the community, passed down through generations. These traditional ways of life make up an essential part of the vast cultural tapestry of Penang’s past, as well as its present. In order to continue the transmission of this rich heritage to future generations, these cultural expressions must be protected, promoted and preserved.

In attempts to safeguard Penang’s intangible cultural heritage, the Penang Heritage Trust (PHT) created the Living Heritage Treasures Awards in 2005 to honour, acknowledge and give long-overdue recognition to our master craftsmen and women who have dedicated their lives to using traditional skills to create tangible and intangible products that are today an important part of our culture. The telling of these crafts people’s stories is an important step in creating greater public awareness of their presence, their skills and their immeasurable value to society.

The owners of Seven Terraces have joined PHT in this journey by committing a generous annual donation towards the Living Heritage Treasures Awards for the next seven years. Seven Terraces converted a row of seven nineteenth-century Anglo–Chinese terraces, into one of Penang’s finest boutique hotels. It is indeed an oasis of tranquillity, a classic yet sophisticated building set amidst the rich history of Penang and located in the heart of its World Heritage Site.

Sponsors like Seven Terraces have enabled PHT to continue with the Living Heritage Treasures Awards. Henceforth the award is now known as The PHT – 7 TERRACES LIVING HERITAGE TREASURES AWARDS.