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#SaveJerejak : Unravelling the Secrets of Pulau Jerejak

#SaveJerejak : Unravelling the Secrets of Pulau Jerejak

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Did you know that Pulau Jerejak was once an entry point for migrants coming into Penang? Migrants from India, China and several other places were quarantined in Pulau Jerejak for a period of time before they were allowed to proceed to Penang Island. This was to prevent the spread of diseases to the populations in Penang.

Did you also know that Pulau Jerejak was one of the early leprosariums in Malaysia? It was also a sanatorium for tuberculosis patients, providing refuge to these patients while they convalesce.

Pulau Jerejak was also a famous prison and detention camp, having held prisoners from the Malayan Emergency and the May 13 riots up until 1993.

Pulau Jerejak is also one of Penang’s last few natural forest reserves and home to diverse flora and fauna. It’s island setting in between two land mass also makes it a perfect breeding and feeding ground for marine life, adding biodiversity value to Penang.

If you want to learn¬†more about Pulau Jerejak,and also hear what historians, researchers and scholars have to say about Pulau Jerejak, then don’t miss the #saveJerejak forum, held with the following details:

Date: 8th April 2017 (Saturday)

Time: 9.30am to 12.00pm

Venue: Penang Institute, 10 Brown Road, 10350 Penang.

Admission is free. Please RSVP with us at or call +604 264 2631