Previous Team Members

Previous Team Members

Ho Sheau Fung, Manager
Since 1993, Sheau Fung has been actively involved in Penang’s arts and cultural activities; acting variously as festival curator, producer, director, actress, scriptwriter, programme manager and videographer. She worked with the NGO Arts-ED from 2001-2004 and administrated the Arts in Heritage Education Programme, “Anak-anak Kota”, aimed at using the arts as a creative education tool to empower young people to explore and discover their cultural and historical identities in a diverse, ‘living and changing’ heritage environment. Since 2008, she has also been active in many projects documenting the traditional performing arts and trades in Penang and training of volunteered guides for the George Town World Heritage Site.

Goh Wei Kiat, Project Officer
Fresh graduate from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia with BSc (Land Administration & Development), Wei Kiat was involved in LIVE HERITAGE as volunteer coordinator for the last two years. He has also been involved in the inventory part for the project, Revitalizing Intangible Cultural Heritage (RICH), and currently as the support staff for Old Northam Road Protestant Cemetery Heritage Management Plan.

 Ee Vonne Leong, Marketing Communications Officer

Freshly graduated from Universiti Sains Malaysia, Ee Vonne is the new addition to the PHT family. Originally from Ipoh, she has been in Penang for four years and has developed a strong connection with the island. She joined PHT to understand more about Penang’s heritage and also to help strive for its vision.

Tong Wing Cheong, Project Research Assistant

Has a B.A. from National Chung Cheng University (2010) with a major in Philosophy, and an M.A. from National University of Tainan (2012) majoring in cultural anthropology and specialising in folklore, folk culture and folk belief. He was involved in the cultural mapping component of the project, Revitalizing Intangible Cultural Heritage (RICH), in 2012.

 Ooi Yee Huei, Research Officer

Obtained her BA, majoring in Psychology, from the University of Otago, New Zealand. She joined the PHT team in July 2012 as a cultural surveyor for the Revitalizing the Intangible Cultural Heritage of George Town (RICH) project. Being an amateur in the heritage field, she has found it a great opportunity to learn more about the historical aspects of the place where she belongs.

Vanessa Lim, Administrative Officer

A former interior designer. With her growing interest in the heritage and histories of her hometown, she joined PHT in February, 2012 in hopes of learning more about the stories of George Town.

Ch’ng Tze Wun, Administrative Officer

Tze Wun joined PHT in February 2015, after her graduation from University Sains Malaysia with a BSc in Forensics Sciences. The new-mother is keen in learning about Penang’s heritage, historical and cultural sites, and hopes to play a role in preserving the sites and cultures for future generations. Ms Ch’ng left PHT in August 2016 to pursue her career in education.

Chua Di Xuan, Administrative Officer

Chua Di Xuan joined PHT in 13 September 2016, after her graduation from University Tunku Abdul Rahman with a BA in Chinese Studies. As Penangite, she was enthusiastic to learn and contribute some efforts in preserving Penang’s culture and heritage sites. Di Xuan left PHT in December 2016 to pursue a position in the education industry.

Aaron Wong Xiun Ting, Administrative Executive

Aaron officially joined PHT in October 2016, after his graduation from Nihon University with a BA in International Relation and University College London with an MA in Cultural Heritage Studies. The fresh graduate after many years abroad returned to Penang and is keen to learn and understand about his roots and the vibrant cultures of his hometown. Having acquired knowledge and experience from an occidental and oriental environment, he hopes to play an active role in safeguarding the priceless heritage for future generations. Aaron left PHT in April 2017 for a position in an MNC in Penang

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(Clockwise from Left: Goh Wei Kiat, Tong Wing Cheong, Vanessa Lim, Ooi Yee Huei, and two interns)