Penang Story Lectures

Penang Story Lectures



The Penang Story Initiative was started in 2001 by Penang Heritage Trust and jointly organized by Star Publications with the support of various stakeholders.  With the UNESCO WHS Inscription in 2008 and the growing awareness about cultural heritage issues, the new chapter of the Penang Story, Penang in Global History, not only continues to “celebrating cultural diversity’ but expanded to include a ‘re-discovery’ of Penang’s place in local, regional and global history.

In 2010-2011, Think City played an active role to organise the following “Penang Global Lectures”

–                Remnants of a Relationship: Significance of the BujangValley to Penang & Global Archeology on 18 December 2010, 5.00pm at Wawasan Open University by Universiti Sains Malaysia’s Centre for Global Archaeological Research (CGAR) Director Associate Professor Dr Mokhtar Saidin, who headed the archeological dig that recently unearthed monuments dating back 1,900 years and where the oldest recorded man-made buildings in Southeast Asia have been discovered.

–                Inaugural Penang Story Lecture “Sino-Western Penang Responses” on 20 November 2010, 11.30am at Bayview George Town Hotel, by the illustrious Professor Wang Gungwu, Chairman of the East Asian Institute and University Professor, National University of Singapore and Emeritus Professor of the Australian National University.

–                Tagore and His Cosmopolitan Vision, by the grand nephew of Dr Rabindranath Tagore, Dr Saranindranath Tagore at 9.30am on 14th May 2011 at Wawasan Open University. This is part of a series of events that we are organising in conjunction with the Tagore in Penang celebration being held on May 12th, 13th and 14th.

–                Globalisation and Penang, 28th July 2011, 4pm-6pm at Wawasan Open University by Jomo Kwame Sundaram, the Assistant Secretary General for Economic Development in the United Nations’ Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

The Penang and Indian Ocean Conference which was organized in September 2011, is also part of the Penang Story Project.  This conference aimed to bring together scholars with interests in Penang’s role as a gateway to the Indian Ocean over the past two centuries. It brought together scholars with interests in Penang’s role as a gateway to the Indian Ocean over the past two centuries. The workshop examined “the multiple networks, imperial, commercial, cultural, and biographical, that linked Penang with the littorals of the eastern Indian Ocean, stretching from Burma and Sri Lanka to the ‘Coromandel Coast’ of India.”

PHT would like to wholeheartedly express our gratitude to all the team members of Think City Sdn Bhd for the active support in organizing the Penang Story Project. And we hope that the project will continue to grow in 2012 and beyond,  and with full support from Think City.