Newsletter Articles

Archive List of Newsletter Articles

This page contains a full list of all articles in the PHT newsletters over the years, linked to the pdf file of the newsletters themselves.
Sheik Omar Basheer, Mausoleum ofVol 2 No 1Nov-88
Recollections of PenangVol 2 No 1Nov-88
Heritage Trees of PenangVol 2 No 1Nov-88
Historical Coins of PenangVol 2 No 1Nov-88
Watercolours and Sketches of Malaya 1880-1894 (review)Vol 2 No 1Nov-88
The Cree Journals: the voyages of Edward H Cree (review)Vol 2 No 1Nov-88
Like Tigers Around a Piece of Meat (review)Vol 2 No 1Nov-88
Leith StreetVol 2 No 1Nov-88
Amahs and familiesVol 2 No 1Nov-88
Recollections of PenangVol 2 No 2Jun-89
Mount OliviaVol 2 No 2Jun-89
Cunyngham Brown, SjovaldVol 2 No 2Jun-89
E&O HotelVol 2 No 2Nov-88
Padang, TheVol 2 No 2Nov-88
Raffles, Stamford in PenangVol 2 No 2Nov-88
Fancourt, Olivia Marianne wife of Stamford RafflesVol 2 No 2Nov-88
Leyden, John CasperVol 2 No 2Nov-88
Ariff, Dato' Nazir6Aug-94
St Xavier's Branch School, future of23Jan-96
Architecture, The Politics of23Jan-96
Kuala Lumpur23Jan-96
E&O Hotel23Jan-96
Development 'cannot be stopped'23Jan-96
Balik Pulau, site for future development23Jan-96
St Xavier's Branch School, to be placed on heritage list23Jan-96
Uplands School, site at Gurney Drive23Jan-96
Aloes, The, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah23Jan-96
Royal House, Anson Road23Jan-96
Leith Street, No. 2023Jan-96
Putrajaya, and Dr Mahathir23Jan-96
Restoring Ann Siang Road, A New Lease of Life24Feb-96
Restoring Koon Seng Road, Singapore24Feb-96
Restoring Martaban Road, Singapore24Feb-96
Suffolk House-Air Itam, Proposed Historical Precinct (map)24Feb-96
Nara Symposium, AWPNUC24Feb-96
Syed Alatas Mansion restoration24Feb-96
Chai Gang, The Art of25Mar-96
Loo Pun Hong, A Community Project25Mar-96
Carpenter's Guild, Love Lane25Mar-96
Lu Pan25Mar-96
Heritage Centre, Penang25Mar-96
Heritage Policy, Penang25Mar-96
Trees, Saving25Mar-96
Old Buildings, Saving25Mar-96
Syed Alatas Mansion, venue for exhibition25Mar-96
Love Lane25Mar-96
Rent Control Act and heritage conservation25Mar-96
Pre-War buildings, listed by state25Mar-96
Town and Country Planning Act, amendments25Mar-96
Listing procedures for old buildings25Mar-96
Suffolk House26Jul-96
Anglo-Chinese School at Suffolk House26Jul-96
Hotel Metropole26Jul-96
Relau House26Jul-96
Loo Pun Hong, funds raised for26Jul-96
E&O Hotel29Jul-96
Chung Thye Pin Villa29Jul-96
Heritage Skills Workshop30Aug-96
Hotel Metropole, demolished30Aug-96
E&O Hotel, fire at30Aug-96
Hotel Continental30Aug-96
Cheong Fatt Tze mansion30Aug-96
Pile driving, and heritage buildings30Aug-96
Syed Alatas Mansion and 9 storey building development30Aug-96
Conservation of building interiors, call for30Aug-96
Penang Hill Local Plan gains council approval30Aug-96
Cheong Fatt Tze mansion damaged31Sep-96
Pile driving, and heritage buildings31Sep-96
Hotel Continental31Sep-96
Second Link, coastal road to Tanjung Tokong31Sep-96
MPPP 'accomplice of developer'31Sep-96
MPPP 'late in serving stop notice'31Sep-96
AWPNUC Secretariat and PHT32Oct-96
PHT, change of office address32Oct-96
Tun Kudin House, restoration of for resort32Oct-96
Union Villa, restoration of32Oct-96
Disted College, restoration of Union Villa32Oct-96
Donnybrook Mansion, plot to become hotel32Oct-96
MPPP and height controls in George Town32Oct-96
AWPNUC Symposium, in Yogyakarta33Nov-96
Height controls in George Town, transfer of rights33Nov-96
Guidelines for preservation of inner city heritage33Nov-96
Height controls in George Town34Dec-96
Rent control Act, repeal in stages34Dec-96
Pre-war buildings, survey of34Dec-96
Height controls in George Town34Dec-96
Penang Views 1770-1860, review34Dec-96
Frank Swettenham & George Giles Watercolours and Sketches, review34Dec-96
Streets of George Town, Penang, review34Dec-96
Blood and the Soil, review34Dec-96
Restoring and Reconstructing the Malay Timber House, review34Dec-96
The Straits Chinese, The: a Cultural History, review34Dec-96
Burmah Road houses, to become boutique hotel34Dec-96
Prangin Mall, crisis37Mar-97
Botanic gardens, privatisation37Mar-97
Penang Hill Local Plan, public meeting37Mar-97
Central Park, for George Town proposed37Mar-97
Teik Soon Street, remains of37Mar-97
Jalan magazine, a pedestrian mall37Mar-97
Jalan Lim Chwee Leong, a pedestrian mall37Mar-97
Prangin Market as a LRT station37Mar-97
Noordin Street houses, damaged during construction of Prangin Mall37Mar-97
Prangin Mall, stop work order and remedial measures37Mar-97
Prangin Mall38/39Apr/May-97
Penang Hill, Friends of38/39Apr/May-97
Penang Hill, development of38/39Apr/May-97
Air Itam Dam, water supply38/39Apr/May-97
Penang Hill, Historical Views of, exhibition38/39Apr/May-97
Penang Hill Local Plan38/39Apr/May-97
Prangin Mall38/39Apr/May-97
Dengue fever outbreak38/39Apr/May-97
Conservation, incentives for in Penang38/39Apr/May-97
Heritage development and tourism38/39Apr/May-97
Jelutong Expressway, EIA38/39Apr/May-97
Clan Jetties, Weld Quay38/39Apr/May-97
Loo Pun Hong, funds raised for38/39Apr/May-97
Central Park, for George Town proposal38/39Apr/May-97
Rent Control Act, repeal of, should have come sooner40/41Jun/Jul-97
Prangin Mall, conditions for developer40/41Jun/Jul-97
Botanic Gardens, Penang, 'annual user fee'40/41Jun/Jul-97
Rent Control Act, debated40/41Jun/Jul 97
Rent Control Act, threat to George Town, AWPNUC40/41Jun/Jul 97
Prangin Mall, developers twenty conditions40/41Jun/Jul 97
Suffolk House42/43Aug/Sept-97
Hotel Metropole42/43Aug/Sept-97
Relau House42/43Aug/Sept-97
Loo Pun Hong42/43Aug/Sept-97
E&O Hotel42/43Aug/Sept-97
Heritage guidelines, petition for conservation zones44/45Oct/Nov-97
Ecological Sustainability round table46Dec-97
Light Street, new courthouse building46Dec-97
Sustainable growth46Dec-97
Restoring Hanoi Opera House46Dec-97
Soul of Cities, The46Dec-97
PAM (Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia) press statement46Dec-97
Kapitan Kling Mosque, restoration46Dec-97
SERI first seminar, sustainable development46Dec-97
Patani Road police station, demolished46Dec-97
Penang Strategic Plan, 2nd, for 2000-201046Dec-97
Cheong Fatt Tze mansion47/48Jan/Feb-98
Straits Chinese, The, review47/48Jan/Feb-98
Heritage Guidelines, petition presented47/48Jan/Feb-98
Love Lane, development project incentives47/48Jan/Feb-98
Church Street Ghaut, development project incentives47/48Jan/Feb-98
Botanic Gardens, developments at47/48Jan/Feb-98
Penang Hill Local Plan, gazetted47/48Jan/Feb-98
Indicators for 'sick city'47/48Jan/Feb-98
Trees, Law to protect and preserve47/48Jan/Feb-98
Height controls in George Town, lifting47/48Jan/Feb-98
World Heritage Listing, recognition for47/48Jan/Feb-98
Historic Districts, and economic benefits47/48Jan/Feb-98
George Town, inner city plan49/50Mar/Apr-98
Theme walks in George Town49/50Mar/Apr-98
UNESCO and education resource kit49/50Mar/Apr-98
Penang listing for World Heritage status autheticity tests49/50Mar/Apr-98
Loke Thyee Kee Restaurant, for sale49/50Mar/Apr-98
Wing Look Restaurant, for sale49/50Mar/Apr-98
Zoning and heritage areas49/50Mar/Apr-98
Rex Cinema, for sale49/50Mar/Apr-98
Majestic Theatre, for sale49/50Mar/Apr-98
New World Park, demolished49/50Mar/Apr-98
Conserrvation Zone, call for in George Town49/50Mar/Apr-98
Penang Hill Local Plan, endorsed51May-98
Maternity Hospital, conversion to Library51May-98
Flea Market, Armenian Street51May-98
Campbell Street pedestrianisation51May-98
Buckingham Street pedestrianisation51May-98
Ritz Carlton Hotel development51May-98
St George's Girls School51May-98
Penang Hill Local Plan, amendments51May-98
Ritz Carlton Hotel & Demolition of 80 year old buildings51May-98
Botanic Gardens, 'Ugly tiles' at51May-98
Renaming roads51May-98
Penang Hill, Cable car for51May-98
Botanic Gardens, enlargement51May-98
Penang Heritage Trust, moves office52Jun-98
Rent Control Act, repeal, surveys52Jun-98
Rent Control Act, repeal, dialogues52Jun-98
Tan Teong Kooi, retirement52Jun-98
Clans, twilight of52Jun-98
Rent Control Act, repeal of, temporary measures52Jun-98
Rent Control Act and Malaysia Historical Relic Survey52Jun-98
Rent Control Act and Chinese Associations52Jun-98
Rent Control Act and Khoo Kongsi52Jun-98
Convent Light Street52Jun-98
Escoy smelter closure52Jun-98
Hairdressers Union, Penang52Jun-98
Sam Sooi Wooi Koon, Penang52Jun-98
Motor Drivers Union, Penang52Jun-98
Thoe Yip Koong52Jun-98
Tailors Association, Penang52Jun-98
Yip Yue Musical Association52Jun-98
Heng Who Association52Jun-98
Ta Kam Hong (Goldsmiths Guild)52Jun-98
Chinese Association, Kuala Lumpur52Jun-98
Khoo Kongsi52Jun-98
Cannon Square52Jun-98
Rent Control Act and evictions52Jun-98
Hokkiens in Penang52Jun-98
Kwangtung and tengchow Association52Jun-98
Cantonese in Penang52Jun-98
Cantonese cmetary52Jun-98
Mount Erskine52Jun-98
Conservation measures legislation53Jul-98
MPPP and vandalism at Christian cemetery53Jul-98
Penang Heritage Trust, moves office54Aug-98
Stewart Lane54Aug-98
Loo Pun Hong, restoration project54Aug-98
Cheong Fatt Tze mansion, open for tours54Aug-98
Penang: Pluralisme Sebuah Kota, extracts54Aug-98
Loo Pun Association54Aug-98
Love Lane54Aug-98
Loo Pun Hong street party55/56Sept/Oct-98
Cauder Mohideen tomb55/56Sept/Oct-98
Sumatra Heritage Trust, links with PHT55/56Sept/Oct-98
Kedah Heritage Trust, formation55/56Sept/Oct-98
Cultural Vibrancy, mission statement for Penang's55/56Sept/Oct-98
Old Salt Café55/56Sept/Oct-98
Penang Heritage Trust, activities criticised55/56Sept/Oct-98
Street signs & designs59Jan-99
Gospel Hall, Burmah Road, redevelopment59Jan-99
Tan Choon Ghee, The Art of, review59Jan-99
Food, Good Food Guide to Penang, review59Jan-99
Rent Control Act and tenants59Jan-99
Suffolk House, private funds for restoration59Jan-99
Tengku Kudin Mansion, history of59Jan-99
Tanjung Muslim sites, preservation of59Jan-99
Heritage walks59Jan-99
Little India59Jan-99
Kapitan Kling Mosque59Jan-99
Penang as Tourist Destination60Feb/Mar-99
Chinese Chamber of Commerce and redevelopment of George Town60Feb/Mar-99
Rent Control Act, seminar on Repeal60Feb/Mar-99
Conservation vs Heritage Listing60Feb/Mar-99
Chulia Street, perceptions of60Feb/Mar-99
Cannon Square in Anna and the King, movie60Feb/Mar-99
Suffolk House, call for preservation60Feb/Mar-99
Street signs & designs60Feb/Mar-99
Armenian Street and Anna and the King movie60Feb/Mar-99
Thomas Leonowens tomb, restoration of60Feb/Mar-99
Anna and the King, movie shooting60Feb/Mar-99
Stewart Lane and traffic damage60Feb/Mar-99
Penang, Alternative place names in60Feb/Mar-99
Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, Overhead Bridge60Feb/Mar-99
Guidelines for Heritage Development, Draft60Feb/Mar-99
Signature Campaign, Save Inner George Town60Feb/Mar-99
Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce, letter60Feb/Mar-99
Rent Control Act, and small traders60Feb/Mar-99
Street signs & designs61Apr-99
Muslim heritage conservation61Apr-99
Waqf Revitalisation61Apr-99
Malay Heritage Museum, proposed61Apr-99
Sri Tanjung, to become museum61Apr-99
Heritage Conservation and commercial potential61Apr-99
World Heritage Listing, push for George Town listing61Apr-99
Conservation of Inner George Town, issues61Apr-99
Kapitan Kling Mosque Qariah Committee61Apr-99
Mohideen Abdul Kader61Apr-99
Penang Heritage Trust, website launched61Apr-99
KOMTAR, 'only room for one'61Apr-99
Anna and the King, movie premiere in Penang64Sept/Nov-99
Sun Yat Sen, Dr., in Penang64Sept/Nov-99
Kapitan Kling Mosque, restoration64Sept/Nov-99
Street signs, designs & spellings64Sept/Nov-99
Rent Control Act, repeal and perceptions64Sept/Nov-99
Logan memorial, proposed removal64Sept/Nov-99
UNESCO seeks heritage sponsors64Sept/Nov-99
George Town in world's 100 most endangered sites64Sept/Nov-99
Rent Control Act and tenants64Sept/Nov-99
Heritage tourism in Penang, conservation measures64Sept/Nov-99
Town Hall, call for restoration64Sept/Nov-99
Tree felling, Tanjung Tokong64Sept/Nov-99
Heritage Trails and sponsorship64Sept/Nov-99
Syed Alatas Mansion, & call for Islamic Museum64Sept/Nov-99
Syed Alatas Mansion restoration64Sept/Nov-99
Wakaf and Muslim traders64Sept/Nov-99
Rent Control Act and redevelopment fund64Sept/Nov-99
City status proposal for George Town64Sept/Nov-99
Guangzhou Uprising64Sept/Nov-99
Tung Men Hui64Sept/Nov-99
Dato' Keramat Road, No 4064Sept/Nov-99
Street names, changes64Sept/Nov-99
Tzu Chi Foundation in Penang64Sept/Nov-99
Macalister Road64Sept/Nov-99
Runnymede Hotel64Sept/Nov-99
World Monuments Fund, Penang64Sept/Nov-99
Disabled, facilities for in Penang64Sept/Nov-99
Islamic Museum, call for64Sept/Nov-99
Cintra Street, No 100 to be 'mini museum'64Sept/Nov-99
Anna and the King, movie premiere review65Nov 99/ Jan 2000
Acheen Street, No. 67 revitalisation65Nov 99/ Jan 2000
Sheik Zakaria Basheer65Nov 99/ Jan 2000
Wakaf revitalisation in Inner George Town65Nov 99/ Jan 2000
Heritage Youth Club, activities65Nov 99/ Jan 2000
PATA Foundation Award65Nov 99/ Jan 2000
Bangsawan revival65Nov 99/ Jan 2000
Sam Pek Eng Tai performance65Nov 99/ Jan 2000
Cintra Street, No. 100 restoration65Nov 99/ Jan 2000
Sheik Omar Basheer, Mausoleum of65Nov 99/ Jan 2000
Acheen Street, No. 67 restoration proposal65Nov 99/ Jan 2000
Rent Control Service Centre65Nov 99/ Jan 2000
Acheen Street Mosque65Nov 99/ Jan 2000
Shaikh Omar Basheer Al-Khalidi65Nov 99/ Jan 2000
Madrasatul Al-Qur'an65Nov 99/ Jan 2000
Haji Omar Meulaboh65Nov 99/ Jan 2000
Wakaf, Hussain Aideed65Nov 99/ Jan 2000
Kampong Malabar65Nov 99/ Jan 2000
Myroon Koon Nye Sone65Nov 99/ Jan 2000
Kampong Melayu, No 17065Nov 99/ Jan 2000
Heritage walks66Feb/Mar-00
Town Hall, use by public call66Feb/Mar-00
Suffolk House, restoration to begin66Feb/Mar-00
Loo Pun Hong, restoration to begin66Feb/Mar-00
Rent Control Act and tenants66Feb/Mar-00
Rent Control Act and evictions66Feb/Mar-00
Penang Island Structure Plan, release shortly66Feb/Mar-00
Rent Control Act and poverty66Feb/Mar-00
Rent Control Act and protests66Feb/Mar-00
Peranakans, an appraisal66Feb/Mar-00
Town Hall, use by public call compromise66Feb/Mar-00
Demolition of buildings in conservation zones66Feb/Mar-00
Loo Pun Hong, restoration project & craftsmen from Xiamen66Feb/Mar-00
Heritage and Identity66Feb/Mar-00
Rent Control Act, and information centre66Feb/Mar-00
Xiamen craftsmen and Loo Pan Hong restoration66Feb/Mar-00
Kee Clan House complex, site visit67Apr/May-00
Kee Lye Huat67Apr/May-00
Homestead, site visit67Apr/May-00
Bel Retiro67Apr/May-00
Social Housing, hypothetical project67Apr/May-00
Town Hall restoration67Apr/May-00
Sheik Omar Basheer, Home of67Apr/May-00
Dumping at Muslim cemetery, Chulia Street67Apr/May-00
Chulia Street, dumping at, Muslim cemetery67Apr/May-00
Rent Control Act and demolitions67Apr/May-00
Beach Street, houses demolished67Apr/May-00
Rent Control Act and rental units67Apr/May-00
MPPP and gazetting of historical buildings67Apr/May-00
Gazetting of historical buildings67Apr/May-00
Excavations at Fort Cornwallis67Apr/May-00
Fort Cornwallis, to be excavated?67Apr/May-00
Convent Light Street68Jun/Jul-00
Chung Keng Kwee Ancestral Hall68Jun/Jul-00
Kee Lai Huat Ancestral temple68Jun/Jul-00
Trams and Trolley Buses in Penang68Jun/Jul-00
Penang Hill, dilapidated state of heritage buildings68Jun/Jul-00
Chung Keng Kwee Ancestral Hall, site visit, state of neglect68Jun/Jul-00
Heritage Awareness pilot project68Jun/Jul-00
Women and Lifestles in George Town, public forum68Jun/Jul-00
Convent Light Street, site visit69Aug/Sept-00
Runnymede, site visit69Aug/Sept-00
Raffles, Sir Stamford, and history of Runnymede69Aug/Sept-00
Pile driving in historic enclaves of George Town69Aug/Sept-00
Suffolk House restoration69Aug/Sept-00
Indonesians in Penang, 1786-200069Aug/Sept-00
Nakhoda Itan69Aug/Sept-00
Nakhoda Kechil69Aug/Sept-00
Nakhoda Bayan69Aug/Sept-00
Syek Tahir Jaluluddin69Aug/Sept-00
Syed Hussain69Aug/Sept-00
Acheen Street, origin of name69Aug/Sept-00
Acheen Street mosque69Aug/Sept-00
Gedong Aceh69Aug/Sept-00
Kun Yam Thong temple demolition69Aug/Sept-00
Shimmerings, book review69Aug/Sept-00
Trails, Selected Nature Trails of Penang, book review69Aug/Sept-00
Kee Lai Huat home, site visit69Aug/Sept-00
Sungai Bakap, Kee ancestral home of Kee Lai Huat69Aug/Sept-00
Khek Association building, rebuilding of69Aug/Sept-00
Hakka Clan archive, projected69Aug/Sept-00
Wakaf property and 'coffee money'69Aug/Sept-00
Wakaf land and affodrable homes69Aug/Sept-00
Malacca Museums mis-spend funds69Aug/Sept-00
Jonker Street shophouses demolished69Aug/Sept-00
Rent Control Act and heritage conservation69Aug/Sept-00
Wakaf revitalisation of management69Aug/Sept-00
Convent Light Street restoration69Aug/Sept-00
Garden House restoration69Aug/Sept-00
Heritage mansion offered to State69Aug/Sept-00
Jalan Macalister mansion offered to Sate69Aug/Sept-00
Kong Hock Keong, 200th anniversary69Aug/Sept-00
Kuan Yin Teng, 200th anniversary69Aug/Sept-00
UNESCO listing of Malacca, status of application69Aug/Sept-00
Heritage Guidelines, PHT statement on69Aug/Sept-00
Loh Leong San Quartet, site visit70Oct/Dec-00
Chung Hua School Union, site visit70Oct/Dec-00
Jewish cemetery, site visit70Oct/Dec-00
Sun Yat Sen exhibition opened70Oct/Dec-00
Cheong Fatt Tze mansion wins conservation award70Oct/Dec-00
Rent Control Act and Habitat Agenda70Oct/Dec-00
Campbell Street Mall evaluation70Oct/Dec-00
Cheong Fatt Tze mansion restoration70Oct/Dec-00
Malacca's living heritage, under threat70Oct/Dec-00
High Court Building, Penang, redevelopment proposed70Oct/Dec-00
UNESCO status under threat70Oct/Dec-00
Penang Heritage Trust activities in Johor Baru70Oct/Dec-00
Education in Conservation programme in Penang schools70Oct/Dec-00
Inner City Trails, George Town launched70Oct/Dec-00
Endangered Trades Project launched70Oct/Dec-00
Protestant cemetery site visit71Jan/Feb-01
Cheong Fatt Tze mansion site visit71Jan/Feb-01
Khoo Kongsi, site visit71Jan/Feb-01
Cheah Kongsi, site visit71Jan/Feb-01
Tan Kongsi, site visit71Jan/Feb-01
Hokkien Clans of Penang71Jan/Feb-01
Scout history in Penang71Jan/Feb-01
Heritage Conservation memorandum from PCCC71Jan/Feb-01
Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce memorandum71Jan/Feb-01
Cheong Fatt Tze mansion wins conservation award71Jan/Feb-01
Campbell Street Mall evaluation71Jan/Feb-01
Jonker Street shophouses demolition and heritage in Malacca71Jan/Feb-01
Papan shophouses, case for conservation71Jan/Feb-01
Loo Pun Hong, completion of pilot phase of restoration71Jan/Feb-01
Tramways and Trolley Buses in Penang talk71Jan/Feb-01
Mahathir, Dr visit to Sun Yat Sen Base71Jan/Feb-01
Sun Yat Sen Base, visit by Dr Mahathir71Jan/Feb-01
Heritage buildings, value appreciated71Jan/Feb-01
Chief Minister Penang supports heritage conservation71Jan/Feb-01
High Court development, call for respect of local opinion71Jan/Feb-01
High Court development, objections71Jan/Feb-01
Piling in historic enclaves, call for ban71Jan/Feb-01
Sia Boey status, relocation of traders71Jan/Feb-01
Prangin Wholesale Market, status, relocation of traders71Jan/Feb-01
Japanese attack on George Town, Sia Boey71Jan/Feb-01
Sia Boey, Japanese attack71Jan/Feb-01
Town Hall, use by public call71Jan/Feb-01
Khoo Kongsi tenants eviction71Jan/Feb-01
Cannon Square tenants eviction71Jan/Feb-01
Penang Heritage Trust empowering Muslim community dwellings71Jan/Feb-01
Traditional trades project launched by PHT71Jan/Feb-01
Campbell Pedestrain Mall flawed, UNESCO Rep71Jan/Feb-01
High Court redevelopment approval flawed71Jan/Feb-01
Campbell Street market relocation71Jan/Feb-01
Mansion, The, site visit72Mar/Jun-01
Penang Story Project72Mar/Jun-01
Nattukkotai Chettiar temple, site visit72Mar/Jun-01
Hilltop temple, site visit72Mar/Jun-01
Bala Thandayuthapani Temple, site visit72Mar/Jun-01
Sikh Gurdwara, site visit72Mar/Jun-01
Penang Buddhist Association, site visit72Mar/Jun-01
Balik Pulau Convent, site visit72Mar/Jun-01
Chee Ancestral home, Balik Pulau, site visit72Mar/Jun-01
Main Road No 100, Balik Pulau, site visit72Mar/Jun-01
District Officer official Residence, Balik Pulau. Site visit72Mar/Jun-01
Botanic Gardens, enlargement, Forum on72Mar/Jun-01
Guide to the Penang Botanic Gardens, A, review72Mar/Jun-01
Street signs seminar72Mar/Jun-01
Fort Cornwallis restoration, progress of72Mar/Jun-01
Heritage Education Workshop72Mar/Jun-01
Waqf enclave visit72Mar/Jun-01
Circumcision, Mass ceremony George Town72Mar/Jun-01
Fort Cornwallis Restoration, site visit73Jul/Dec-01
Mansion, The, site visit73Jul/Dec-01
Poe Choo Seah, site visit73Jul/Dec-01
Toishan Ningyang Wui Kwon, site visit73Jul/Dec-01
Tua Peh Kong temple, site visit73Jul/Dec-01
Suffolk House restoration, site visit73Jul/Dec-01
George Town, original construction materials73Jul/Dec-01
Construction materials and methods, original, in George Town73Jul/Dec-01
Penang Heritage Trust wins UNESCO award73Jul/Dec-01
Ghee Hinn Memorial relocated73Jul/Dec-01
George Town inner city architecture, INSET73Jul/Dec-01
Penang Story programme73Jul/Dec-01
Oral History project, first interviews73Jul/Dec-01
fish lips, review73Jul/Dec-01
Waterfall Gardens, site visit74Jan/Mar-02
Cheng Chooi Chor Soo Temple74Jan/Mar-02
China Street, No 8374Jan/Mar-02
Ching Lotus Humanist Space74Jan/Mar-02
Convent Light Street History of, review74Jan/Mar-02
Heritage awareness project, 'Anak-Anak Kota'74Jan/Mar-02
Oral History project, Japanese Occupation interviews74Jan/Mar-02
Japanese Occupation, oral history interviews74Jan/Mar-02
Beach Street, site visit75Apr/Jul-02
Education in Conservation 2002 programme in Penang schools75Apr/Jul-02
Shih Chung School a columbarium: PHT Press statement75Apr/Jul-02
Suffolk House restoration; abandoned?75Apr/Jul-02
Boon San Tong, Victoria Street, site visit75Apr/Jul-02
Western Road cemetery, site visit75Apr/Jul-02
Teochew Association, site visit75Apr/Jul-02
Nagore Shrine, Chulia Street, site visit75Apr/Jul-02
Fire Station, site visit75Apr/Jul-02
Mariophile Bungalow, Pearl Hill, site visit75Apr/Jul-02
Kampung Masjid Melayu, site visit75Apr/Jul-02
Lebuh Acheh No 69, site visit75Apr/Jul-02
Little India Project, conservation75Apr/Jul-02
Demolition and Heritage alerts75Apr/Jul-02
Urban Blight in George Town75Apr/Jul-02
World Monuments Watch, 100 Most Endangered Sites George Town listing75Apr/Jul-02
UNESCO conserving heritage pays75Apr/Jul-02
China Street, stop work order75Apr/Jul-02
Batu Ferringhi Aqueduct, site visit76Aug/Oct-02
Guillemard Reservoir, site visit76Aug/Oct-02
Jalan Masjid Kapitan Kling, No 16476Aug/Oct-02
Armenian Street No 118, site visit76Aug/Oct-02
Armenian Street No 116, site visit76Aug/Oct-02
Armenian Street No 120, site visit76Aug/Oct-02
Rimbun Dahan, site visit76Aug/Oct-02
Singaporeans buying George Town shophouses76Aug/Oct-02
Urban Blight in George Town, update76Aug/Oct-02
Temple of Supreme Bliss visit76Aug/Oct-02
George Town heritage, key to uniqueness76Aug/Oct-02
Anak2 Kota Education programme76Aug/Oct-02
Suffolk House, name linked with England76Aug/Oct-02
Preserve our heritage call by DPM76Aug/Oct-02
Heritage in Education, value of76Aug/Oct-02
Penang Hill bungalows76Aug/Oct-02
Convalescent, Penang Hill76Aug/Oct-02
Woodside, Penang Hill76Aug/Oct-02
Edgecliff, Penang Hill,76Aug/Oct-02
Hillside, Penang Hill76Aug/Oct-02
Fern Hill, Penang Hill76Aug/Oct-02
Penang Hill, boutique hotels76Aug/Oct-02
Kek Lok Si, site visit77Nov-02/Jan-03
War Museum, Batu Maung, site visit77Nov-02/Jan-03
George Town heritage, key to uniqueness77Nov-02/Jan-03
Singapore; improvements drive away retirees77Nov-02/Jan-03
Cheng Hoon Teng temple, Melaka, restoration of77Nov-02/Jan-03
Urban Blight in George Town, update77Nov-02/Jan-03
Sri Mutiara, The Residency 189077Nov-02/Jan-03
Residency, The, 189077Nov-02/Jan-03
Bel Retiro, site visit77Nov-02/Jan-03
Masjid Melayu, proposed development plans77Nov-02/Jan-03
Anak2 Kota Education programme77Nov-02/Jan-03
Kampung Masjid Melayu, project will destroy links to past77Nov-02/Jan-03
Sun Yat Sen Research Centre, Lorong Susu77Nov-02/Jan-03
Sri Mutiara, site visit78Feb/Apr-03
Residency, The, site visit78Feb/Apr-03
Bel Retiro, site visit78Feb/Apr-03
Crag Hotel, site visit78Feb/Apr-03
Clan Jetties, site visit78Feb/Apr-03
Urban Blight in George Town, update78Feb/Apr-03
Trishaw tour of George Town78Feb/Apr-03
Cauder Mohideen Merican tomb, under threat78Feb/Apr-03
Kapitan Kling Mosque founder78Feb/Apr-03
Muslim heiritage threat78Feb/Apr-03
Wakaf, Private of Capitan Kling78Feb/Apr-03
Bishop Street No 99, under threat78Feb/Apr-03
Maternity Hospital, Macalister Rd restoration announced78Feb/Apr-03
Gurney Drive, site visit79May/Jul-03
Lim Cheng Teik house, Gurney Drive79May/Jul-03
Limburg, Larut Road79May/Jul-03
Gurney Drive and Penang Outer Ring Road79May/Jul-03
Uplands School, site visit79May/Jul-03
St Joseph's Novitiate79May/Jul-03
Clan Jetties, site visit79May/Jul-03
Kedah House, Northam Road, site visit79May/Jul-03
Masonic Temple, site visit79May/Jul-03
Northam Road, Masonic Temple79May/Jul-03
Steam trams in Penang79May/Jul-03
Shih Chung proposed columbarium79May/Jul-03
Shih Chung School History79May/Jul-03
Goh Chan Lau79May/Jul-03
Chinese Residency79May/Jul-03
Tye Kee Yoon79May/Jul-03
Cheah Tek Soon79May/Jul-03
Bellevue Hotel79May/Jul-03
Hock Teik Cheng Sin temple, restoration works79May/Jul-03
Pedestrian friendly measures for George Town79May/Jul-03
Lomond, Penang Hill79May/Jul-03
Gracedieu, Penang Hill79May/Jul-03
Penang Harbour Improvement Scheme79May/Jul-03
James Anderson79May/Jul-03
Swettenham Pier79May/Jul-03
Church Street Ghaut wharf79May/Jul-03
Crag Hotel79May/Jul-03
Convent Light Street79May/Jul-03
Heritage conservation vs. urban renewal in Penang79May/Jul-03
Cheong Fatt Tze mansion and movie, Indochine79May/Jul-03
Gold bazaar on Jalan Masjid Kapitan Kling79May/Jul-03
God of the Earth, review79May/Jul-03
Tua Peh Kong temple, Tanjong Tokong, site visit79May/Jul-03
Bstion Santiago, discovered in Malacca Fort79May/Jul-03
Meng Yeng Soo Association home, left to rot79May/Jul-03
Rope Walk, home left to rot79May/Jul-03
Tua Peh Kong temple, Tanjong Tokong, site visit80Aug/Dec-03
Hakka graves80Aug/Dec-03
Aw Boon Haw80Aug/Dec-03
Kapitan Kling Mosque, site visit80Aug/Dec-03
Campbell Street market, origins80Aug/Dec-03
Keramat Mustafa Ali80Aug/Dec-03
Kampung Kolam80Aug/Dec-03
Neem trees of George Town80Aug/Dec-03
Kim Guan Coffee factory, site visit80Aug/Dec-03
Kampong Seronok, site visit80Aug/Dec-03
World Monuments Fund, special recognition for Penang80Aug/Dec-03
Botanic Gardens, site visit80Aug/Dec-03
Reclamation project in Melaka threatens Portuguese enclave80Aug/Dec-03
Melaka Portuguese enclave threatened80Aug/Dec-03
Kristangs in Melaka80Aug/Dec-03
Penang Postcard Collection 1899-1930's, review80Aug/Dec-03
Cycle Tour of Penang Island in 190380Aug/Dec-03
World Heritage Sites; Malaysia nominates 5 sites80Aug/Dec-03
Koay Jetty, landlocked81Jan/Mar-04
Jerejak, Pulau, development81Jan/Mar-04
Soya Sauce (Master)81Jan/Mar-04
Leong Fook Soong81Jan/Mar-04
Swee On Who Soya sauce factory81Jan/Mar-04
Jelutong Expressway, impact of81Jan/Mar-04
Suffolk House restoration to resume81Jan/Mar-04
HSBC sponsors Suffolk House restoration81Jan/Mar-04
Chuah Thean Teng, batik paintings81Jan/Mar-04
Chung Keng Kooi home , site visit81Jan/Mar-04
Early movie shot in Penang (1938)81Jan/Mar-04
Technicolour movie made in Penang (1938)81Jan/Mar-04
Jerejak, Pulau, site visit81Jan/Mar-04
Jerejak, Pulau, recommendations81Jan/Mar-04
Chuah Thean Teng82Apr/Jun-04
Bukit Sidim Estate, site visit82Apr/Jun-04
Rubber plantation, site visit82Apr/Jun-04
Oil palm plantation, site visit82Apr/Jun-04
Koay Jetty, The Endangered; book launch82Apr/Jun-04
Koay Jetty, to be demolished82Apr/Jun-04
Koay Jetty, proposal to relocate jetty82Apr/Jun-04
Ashrakanah, The, site visit82Apr/Jun-04
Catholic cemetery, site visit82Apr/Jun-04
Shaik Nathersah Waqf82Apr/Jun-04
Boria, origins of82Apr/Jun-04
Chung Keng Kooi home , site visit82Apr/Jun-04
Ah Quee home, site visit82Apr/Jun-04
Hai Kee Chan, site visit82Apr/Jun-04
Pinang Peranakan House82Apr/Jun-04
Tjiong A Fie Mansion, Medan, site visit82Apr/Jun-04
Catholic cemetery, proposed exhumations82Apr/Jun-04
Mother Pauline Marie Rodot, founder Convent Light Street82Apr/Jun-04
Grave of founder of Convent Light Street82Apr/Jun-04
Catholic cemetery, PHT Press statement82Apr/Jun-04
George Town, city status82Apr/Jun-04
George Town, Freeman award82Apr/Jun-04
Old Jetty, demolition of, 189782Apr/Jun-04
Cheng Hoon Temple, Malacca restoration work praised82Apr/Jun-04
Ashrakanah, The, site visit83Jul/Oct-04
Catholic cemetery, site visit83Jul/Oct-04
Boria, origins of83Jul/Oct-04
St Francis Xavier Church83Jul/Oct-04
Bishop Coude, arrival Penang, 178683Jul/Oct-04
Church of the Assumption, Penang83Jul/Oct-04
Father Xavier Hab83Jul/Oct-04
Cathedral of the Assumption, Argus Lane83Jul/Oct-04
Argus Lane, Cathedral of the Assumption83Jul/Oct-04
Eurasian Catholics83Jul/Oct-04
Catholic cemetery, memorial service83Jul/Oct-04
Urban Blight in Chulia Street83Jul/Oct-04
Urban Blight in Beach Street83Jul/Oct-04
Traffic congestion and urban blight83Jul/Oct-04
Archaeological Museum, Lembah Bujang, site visit83Jul/Oct-04
Lembah Bujang Archaological Museum, site visit83Jul/Oct-04
Luang Prabang, heritage83Jul/Oct-04
Protestant Cemetery, funds for restoration83Jul/Oct-04
Kota Kita bulletin, launched83Jul/Oct-04
Loke Mansion, Gurney Drive, site visit83Jul/Oct-04
Living Heritage Treasures awards83Jul/Oct-04
George Town, city status; reprinted in full83Jul/Oct-04
Koay Jetty demolition; press conference83Jul/Oct-04
Botanical Gardens, Penang's New (1884 press report)83Jul/Oct-04
Church Street No 26, PHT purchase of84Nov-04/Apr-05
Living Heritage Treasures inaugural awards84Nov-04/Apr-05
Chua Thean Teng, winner Living Heritage Treasure award84Nov-04/Apr-05
Lim Bian Yam, winner Living Heritage Treasure award84Nov-04/Apr-05
Mohd Bahroodin Ahmad, winner Living Heritage Treasure award84Nov-04/Apr-05
Chatsworth House, site visit84Nov-04/Apr-05
Loke Mansion, Gurney Drive, site visit84Nov-04/Apr-05
Turf Club, site visit84Nov-04/Apr-05
Beng Geok Hong Puppet Theatre84Nov-04/Apr-05
Tok Aka Lane, puppet theatre84Nov-04/Apr-05
Tan Tong Tong, traditional singer/minstrel84Nov-04/Apr-05
Teoh Jin Hoe, traditional singer/minstrel84Nov-04/Apr-05
World heritageSite listing; joint application to be made84Nov-04/Apr-05
Tree felling at Tanjung Cove Resort84Nov-04/Apr-05
Naval battle, Penang Harbour, 191484Nov-04/Apr-05
Rajah Bilah and the Mandailings in Perak: 1878-1911, review84Nov-04/Apr-05
Kinta Valley: Pioneering Malaysia's Development, published84Nov-04/Apr-05
Rent Control Act and consequences84Nov-04/Apr-05
Campbell Street and rent Control Act84Nov-04/Apr-05
Penang Story, The; international conference84Nov-04/Apr-05
Kirkpatrick House, Hyderabad, restoration84Nov-04/Apr-05
Teochew Association, site visit85May/Oct-05
Chulia Street, Teochew Assocaition, site visit85May/Oct-05
Koh Boo Aun85May/Oct-05
Heng Booh Cheang85May/Oct-05
Town Hall, site visit85May/Oct-05
Hong Seng Estate, site visit85May/Oct-05
Elsiedale Bungalow, site visit85May/Oct-05
Lim Leng Cheak, home of85May/Oct-05
Tan Say Seang Neoh85May/Oct-05
Prison, Penang, site visit85May/Oct-05
Kwong Hock Keong temple, Nibong Tebal, endangered85May/Oct-05
Moon Gate wall demolished85May/Oct-05
Uplands School building, call for its preservation85May/Oct-05
La Salle Brothers & Uplands School building85May/Oct-05
Hunza properties purchase of Uplands School building85May/Oct-05
UNESCO defers World Heritage application85May/Oct-05
Penang Heritage Trust, new home85May/Oct-05
Goh Teik Kong temple, site visit86Nov-05/Mar-06
Teow Chew Puppet Show86Nov-05/Mar-06
Galeri Seni Mutiara, site visit86Nov-05/Mar-06
Koay Soo Kau86Nov-05/Mar-06
Armenian Street No 11886Nov-05/Mar-06
Convent Light Street, site visit86Nov-05/Mar-06
Francis Light, official residence86Nov-05/Mar-06
UNESCO teacher training workshop, Penang86Nov-05/Mar-06
UNESCO establishes 2 Chairs at USM86Nov-05/Mar-06
Education for Sustainable Development86Nov-05/Mar-06
Balik Pulau cultural mapping86Nov-05/Mar-06
Global Ethic Project86Nov-05/Mar-06
Cultural landscapes, Saving86Nov-05/Mar-06
Uplands School buildings demolition86Nov-05/Mar-06
Penang Hill, more facilities for86Nov-05/Mar-06
Angsana trees, Penang86Nov-05/Mar-06
PHT Office restoration86Nov-05/Mar-06
Church Street No 26 restoration86Nov-05/Mar-06
St Mary's Church, Chennai, restoration of86Nov-05/Mar-06
Porter, George86Nov-05/Mar-06
CEPAT and George Town's urban environment86Nov-05/Mar-06
Suffolk House restoration, progress report86Nov-05/Mar-06
Brown Raod No 15, heritage alert86Nov-05/Mar-06
Brewer, Frank, architect86Nov-05/Mar-06
Anak-Anak Kota 200686Nov-05/Mar-06
History of the German-Speaking community in Penang, 1880'2-1940's, review86Nov-05/Mar-06
Penang Trams, Trolleybuses & Railways, review86Nov-05/Mar-06
Uplands School 50th Anniversary Book, review86Nov-05/Mar-06
Malacca: Voices from the Street, review86Nov-05/Mar-06
PHT, change of office address87Apr/Jun-06
Church Street No 26, official opening87Apr/Jun-06
Living Heritage Treasures honoured87Apr/Jun-06
Yeap Seong Kee, Master kabaya designer, 2006 Heritage Treasure Award87Apr/Jun-06
Kok Ah Wah, hand carved signboard engraver, 2006 Heritage Treasure Award87Apr/Jun-06
Ooi Sew Kim, Hokkien glove puppet theatre, 2006 Heritage Treasure Award87Apr/Jun-06
Queen Street Nos 20, 22, 23 Before and after renovations87Apr/Jun-06
Dato Keramat No 230, before and after renovations87Apr/Jun-06
Church Street No 76, before and after renovations87Apr/Jun-06
Suffolk House appeal87Apr/Jun-06
St Joseph's Novitiate, redevelopment, call for abandonment of project87Apr/Jun-06
Uplands School buildings redevelopment, call for traffic study87Apr/Jun-06
Jerejak, Pulau,gazetting of forest87Apr/Jun-06
George Town traffic woes, call for resolution87Apr/Jun-06
Tua Pek Kong temple, site visit87Apr/Jun-06
Runnymede, site visit87Apr/Jun-06
Runnymede, transfer of ownership87Apr/Jun-06
Post boxes, colonial era87Apr/Jun-06
Teochew Association, conservation work88Jul/Sept-06
Han Jiang Ancestral temple, Chulia Street88Jul/Sept-06
PHT Open letter on development88Jul/Sept-06
PHT Call for public access to all major development projects88Jul/Sept-06
Penang Hill Railway, historical notes88Jul/Sept-06
Penang Hill Railway, upgrade88Jul/Sept-06
Ku Din Ku Meh House, site visit88Jul/Sept-06
Little Penang Street Market, site visit88Jul/Sept-06
Suffolk House, site visit88Jul/Sept-06
Balik Pulau cultural mapping project88Jul/Sept-06
Bok House, gazetting88Jul/Sept-06
Coliseum cinema, KL, cost of conversion88Jul/Sept-06
Penang Courthouse renovation work88Jul/Sept-06
Penang State Museum, proposed move to Esplanade88Jul/Sept-06
Penang Structure Plan, draft launched88Jul/Sept-06
Buckingham Street, heritage alert88Jul/Sept-06
Carnarvon Street Nos 155, 157, 159, heritage alert88Jul/Sept-06
King Street, No 27, heritage alert88Jul/Sept-06
Koe Guan Office demolished88Jul/Sept-06
Second World War Heritage Sites88Jul/Sept-06
Suffolk House, site visit89Jan-07
Suffolk House, official opening89Jan-07
Lunas, site visit89Jan-07
Loh Boon Ghee89Jan-07
Soon Ah Lee mansion89Jan-07
PHT Statement, reply to Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim89Jan-07
Bok House, demolition89Jan-07
Bok House, 'too expensive to save'89Jan-07
Chua Cheng Bok89Jan-07
Balloons or watch tower for Malacca89Jan-07
Watch tower for Malacca89Jan-07
Rezoning of land and accountability89Jan-07
St Joseph's Novitiate, redevelopment89Jan-07
St Joseph's Novitiate, 'relocation'89Jan-07
Brothers Bungalow, Penang Hill89Jan-07
Graveyard Tourism, Himachal Pradesh89Jan-07
Sun Yat Sen in Penang89Jan-07
Han Jiang Ancestral temple, receives UNESCO award89Jan-07
Birch House, heritage alert89Jan-07
Katz Street, heritage alert89Jan-07
Hutton Lane, heritage alert89Jan-07
Penang through Gilded doors, book review89Jan-07
Global Ethics project89Jan-07
Trams, call for reintroduction in Penang89Jan-07
Suffolk House, restored90Apr-07
Jade Emperor Pavilion, site visit90Apr-07
OCBC Buildings, Beach Street, site visit90Apr-07
Beach Street, OCBC Buildings, site visit90Apr-07
Kongsoon House90Apr-07
Khoo Joo Ee, obituary90Apr-07
George Town, threat to WHS listing90Apr-07
Street signs, new in George Town90Apr-07
Kyoto, heritage site90Apr-07
Cemeteries, restoring Penang's historic90Apr-07
Kota Kuala Muda, Kedah90Apr-07
Sungai Mas, Kedah90Apr-07
King Street No 23, heritage alert90Apr-07
Stewart Lane, heritage alert90Apr-07
Threat to George Town WHS listing91Sep-07
WHS listing, threat91Sep-07
Penang Hill, Friends of, illegal cosntruction work91Sep-07
Letters with reference to Tunku Abdul Rahman, book review91Sep-07
Trams for George Town, study for91Sep-07
Taiping, site visit91Sep-07
Dato Keramat, heritage alert91Sep-07
Lumut Lane, heritage alert91Sep-07
Market Street Nos 79, 81, heritage alert91Sep-07
Gunung Jerai, history notes91Sep-07
Jerai, Gunung, history notes91Sep-07
David Brown House, Penang Hill, site visit91Sep-07
Penang Hill, David Brown House, site visit91Sep-07
Clan jetties, Interpretation centre91Sep-07
St Joseph's Novitiate, redevelopment, update91Sep-07
Waterfall Treatment Plant91Sep-07
Goh Heng Chong, obituary91Sep-07
Wan Dee Aroonratna, Living Heritage Treasures award91Sep-07
Lee Ah Hock, Living Heritage Treasures award91Sep-07
Noo Wan, Living Heritage Treasures award91Sep-07
Lee Khek Hock, Living Heritage Treasures award91Sep-07
Armenians in Penang, historical notes91Sep-07
Galastaun, Catchatoor and Armenian Church91Sep-07
Anthony family, Armenians in Penang91Sep-07
Sarkies, Tigran91Sep-07
Sarkies, Arshak91Sep-07
Oriental Hotel, Penang91Sep-07
Eastern Hotel, Penang91Sep-07
E&O Hotel, declared bankrupt91Sep-07
UNESCO evaluator, visit of to Penang91Sep-07
Historic Street name plates, appeal for funds91Sep-07
Kee estate, site visit92Sep-07
Kee Poh Huat Kongsi, site visit92Sep-07
Kee Lai Huat92Sep-07
Khaw Loh Hup92Sep-07
St Anne's Church, Bukit Mertajam92Sep-07
PGCC, Penang Global City Centre, events92Sep-07
Penang Global City Centre, events92Sep-07
PGCC, objections92Sep-07
Gurney Paragon, objections to development92Sep-07
Logan memorial, remembrance92Sep-07
Heritage Tours, PHT launches programme of92Sep-07
Chinese in Penang, The, A Pictorial History, book review92Sep-07
Days Gone By: Growing Up in Penang, book review92Sep-07
UNESCO listing, update93Apr-08
Cemeteries, restoring Penang's historic93Apr-08
Suffolk House, status report93Apr-08
Tanjung Tokong, Kg, future of93Apr-08
Tanjong Tokong Issue, The93Apr-08
PGCC, 'no approvals given'93Apr-08
Queen Victoria statue, historical notes93Apr-08
Cenotaph, restoration work93Apr-08
Socfin Bungalow to be demolished, site developed93Apr-08
Tanjung Country Club, development93Apr-08
McKern, Dr A S93Apr-08
Chen Voon Fee, obituary93Apr-08
Botanic Gardens, site visit93Apr-08
Kew Leong Tong Lim Kongsi, site visit93Apr-08
Eng Chuan Tong Tan kongsi, site visit93Apr-08
Toon Pun Tong93Apr-08
Bian Soot93Apr-08
She Tan Court, site visit93Apr-08
Tan Seng Ong Kongsi, site visit93Apr-08
Mount Olivia, search for Raffles home93Apr-08
Raffles home on Mt Olivia, search for93Apr-08
Penang High Court, site visit93Apr-08
Penang Outer Ring Road, PORR, call for review93Apr-08
PORR, Penang Outer Ring Road, call for review93Apr-08
Penang Ferry service, proposed scrapping93Apr-08
Penang Ferry service, calls for saving of icon93Apr-08
PGCC, 'nothing to review'93Apr-08
Land deal improprieties, panel to probe93Apr-08
Swiftlet breeding in inner George Town, economics of93Apr-08
George Town given UNESCO WHS listing94Oct-08
UNESCO listing, update94Oct-08
Nakkukotai Chettiar Temple, site visit94Oct-08
Lighthouse, Fort Cornwallis, site visit94Oct-08
Fort Cornwallis, lighthouse, site visit94Oct-08
Ghee Hiang Biscuit Factory, site visit94Oct-08
Tau Sar Pneah, site visit94Oct-08
Taiping, site visit94Oct-08
King Edward Memorial Hospital, Macalister Road, site visit94Oct-08
Macalister Road, Hospital, site visit94Oct-08
Gandhiji Ashram, Waterfall Road, site visit94Oct-08
Waterfall Road, Gandhiji Ashram, site visit94Oct-08
Thaipusam festival94Oct-08
Chitrapournami festival94Oct-08
McKern, Dr A S, biographical notes94Oct-08
Stadium Merdeka, KL, wins UNESCO award94Oct-08
Suffolk House, wins UNESCO Award94Oct-08
Suffolk House, management of, issues94Oct-08
Victoria Street, heritage alert94Oct-08
King Street, heritage alert94Oct-08
Jalan Dr Lim Chwee Leong, heritage alert94Oct-08
Carnarvon Street, heritage alert94Oct-08
Kimberly Street, heritage alert94Oct-08
House demolitions in George Town94Oct-08
PGCC, 'as good as dead'94Oct-08
WHS listing for George Town, reflections on award94Oct-08
George Town, city status94Oct-08
Rent Control Act repeal of, reflections94Oct-08
Trams and buses for George Town, seminar94Oct-08
State appeal for funds for heritage buildings94Oct-08
Heritage buildings, State appeal for funds94Oct-08
Loke Mansion, threat to94Oct-08
Penang Hill cutting, blamed for flash floods94Oct-08
Tree cutting on Penang Hill, blamed for flash floods94Oct-08
Swiftlet Farming, expiry of 3 year grace period94Oct-08
Sun Yat Sen in Penang, book review94Oct-08
Penang Hill Railway, closure95Apr-09
Highrise buildings, planning permission refused95Apr-09
Heritage rules for new projects in George Town95Apr-09
Tenants evicted in Heritage Zone95Apr-09
Friends of Penang Hill, Statement on Railway95Apr-09
Penang Hill Railway closure, call for review95Apr-09
Macao, World heritage Site95Apr-09
PAPA, Penang Apprenticeship Programme for Artisans95Apr-09
Penang Apprenticeship Programme for Artisans95Apr-09
Chuah Thean Teng, Dato', obituary95Apr-09
Cunyngham-Brown, Sjovald, remembered95Apr-09
Emily of Emerald Hill, performed at Suffolk House95Apr-09
Suffolk House, performance of Emily of Emerald Hill95Apr-09
Prangin Canal, site visit95Apr-09
Sia Boey, site visit95Apr-09
Upper Beach Street, site visit95Apr-09
Whiteaways Building95Apr-09
Kongsoon House95Apr-09
Gurney Drive, becoming mudflats after land reclamation95Apr-09
Yeap Chor Ee, House of, site visit95Apr-09
Snake temple, site visit95Apr-09
Hokkien Kongsi, and Snake Temple restorations95Apr-09
Loke Mansion, and PHT defamation legal suit95Apr-09
St Joseph's Novitiate, and PHT defamation legal suit95Apr-09
War graves, Russian95Apr-09
Russian War graves95Apr-09
Zhemtchug, Russian cruiser sinking95Apr-09
Pulau Jerejak, Russian war graves95Apr-09
Jerejak, Pulau, Russian war graves95Apr-09
Bintang Holdings multistorey hotel development95Apr-09
Heritage rules and high rise hotel95Apr-09
Rice Miller Boutique Hotel and heritage rules95Apr-09
Botanic Gardens, call to abandon plans for lights at night95Apr-09
Penang Hill, calls for Cable Car project quotes soon95Apr-09
Loke Mansion, damage caused during construction on Gurney Drive96Dec-09
St Joseph's Novitiate concerns96Dec-09
Swiftlet breeding in inner city George Town96Dec-09
Ismail bin Tunku Mohammad Jewa, Tunku Dato' Dr, obituary96Dec-09
Edinburgh, Scotland old and new towns96Dec-09
McKern, Dr A.S., tanjung Bungah house of96Dec-09
Beach Street No 37A96Dec-09
Dresden, loses World Heritage listing96Dec-09
Kampung Tanjung Tokong, community resist development96Dec-09
Penang Hill Railway, conservation methods96Dec-09
Botanic Gardens expansion, discontent96Dec-09
UNESCO, Penang to receive RM 20 million grant96Dec-09
Sungai Kerian bridge disappeared96Dec-09
Traditional Living Cultures; resisting the decline96Dec-09
China Street No 29, restoration96Dec-09
Suffolk House restoration completed, opens to public96Dec-09
China Street, site visit96Dec-09
Little India, site visit96Dec-09
Light Street, site visit96Dec-09
Soonstead, site visit96Dec-09
Northam Road No 46B96Dec-09
Heah Swee Lee96Dec-09
Northam Lodge96Dec-09
Sustainable Cultural Development, conference in George Town96Dec-09
China Street No 2396Dec-09
Lorong Chee Em96Dec-09
Logan Memorial, unveiling of plaque96Dec-09
Cenotaph, ceremony and rebuilding report96Dec-09
Melaka World heritage site, PHT visit96Dec-09
Penang Hill Railway, closure97Mar-10
Swiftlet breeding in inner city George Town97Mar-10
Protestant cemetery, gravestones re-inked97Mar-10
Penang Hill, driving up, 191497Mar-10
Penang Hill, memories of97Mar-10
Penang Hill Railway, closure a loss of heritage97Mar-10
Penang Hill Railway, site visit97Mar-10
Pulau Tikus, commentary97Mar-10
Cenotaph damaged by Allied bombing, reconstructed97Mar-10
Kampung Tanjung Tokong, call for preservation97Mar-10
Sia Boey to become carpark, reports97Mar-10
China Street, reflections on living in heritage core zone97Mar-10
Construction materials and methods, original, in George Town97Mar-10
Botanic Gardens modifications, discontent97Mar-10
Straits Settlements & Malayan Volunteer Forces, talk97Mar-10
Penang under the East India Company, book launch97Mar-10
Cheong Fatt Tze mansion wins damages98Oct-10
Hotel Continental damages heritage building98Oct-10
St George's Church, restoration98Oct-10
St George's Church, pipe organ, history of98Oct-10
Pearl Hill, proposal to gazette as Forest Reserve98Oct-10
Adelaide Week to be revived98Oct-10
Macalister Road No 57, restored, to house museum98Oct-10
Botanic Gardens modifications, discontent98Oct-10
Brook Road No 7, demolished98Oct-10
Bujang Valley, oldest building in S E Asia98Oct-10
Guidelines for management of heritage sites98Oct-10
Wisma Kasta, site visit98Oct-10
FMS Railway Building, Penang, site visit98Oct-10
Swettenham Pier, site visit98Oct-10
Gurdwara Sahib Khalsa Dharmak Jatha, site visit98Oct-10
Wadda Gurdwara Sahib, site visit98Oct-10
Church of the Immaculate Conception, site visit98Oct-10
Penang General Hospital, site visit98Oct-10
Pauper's Hospital98Oct-10
Mun Ah Foo98Oct-10
China Street, core living98Oct-10
World Heritage day, celebrations98Oct-10
Hungry Ghosts Festival98Oct-10
Swiftlet Farming prohibited in heritage enclaves98Oct-10
Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, Singapore vacated98Oct-10
Penang Adventure, The: A History of the Pearl of the Orient, review98Oct-10
Mousquet sinking, talk98Oct-10
Emden Raid on Penang98Oct-10
Funiculi Funicula, movie screened98Oct-10
Fort Cornwallis, talk98Oct-10
Sun Yat Sen, symposium98Oct-10
Pill Boxes in Penang98Oct-10
George Town Festival, 2010, report98Oct-10
Swiftlet Farming prohibited, three year grace period98Oct-10
Pykett Avenue No 20, illegal demolition of98Oct-10
Argus Lane No 9, illegal demolition of98Oct-10
Relatively Speaking, review98Oct-10
Hon Sui Sen98Oct-10
Height of hotels threatens GTWHS99Mar-11
Swiftlet breeding threatens GTWHS99Mar-11
Pykett Avenue No 20, illegal demolition of99Mar-11
Destruction of historic graves99Mar-11
Koh Seang Tet, grave destroyed99Mar-11
Koh Lay Huan family grave destroyed99Mar-11
Open letter PHT on preservation of burial sites99Mar-11
Commonwealth War Graves, Penang99Mar-11
War graves, Commonwealth, Penang99Mar-11
Fortress Penang, folly of99Mar-11
Fort Cornwallis, World War II99Mar-11
Gun emplacements, Penang, World War II99Mar-11
Malayan Volunteer Airforce, illus talk99Mar-11
Penang at War, A History of Penang, booklaunch99Mar-11
Tikus, Pulau, notes on the name99Mar-11
Pulau Tikus, notes on the name99Mar-11
Penang Flying Club99Mar-11
Penang cemeteries99Mar-11
Cemeteries, Penang99Mar-11
Cintra Street, pre-war Japanese community99Mar-11
Japanese community, pre war in Penang99Mar-11
Japanese prostitution, Penang99Mar-11
Karayuki-san, Penang99Mar-11
Penang Portraits, book review99Mar-11
myBalikpulau, newsletter99Mar-11
Light, William and Barossa Valley99Mar-11
Swiftlet Farming, UNESCO letter to Malaysian Gov't99Mar-11
St Joseph's Novitiate, redevelopment99Mar-11
Last Jew of Penang, The100Oct-11
PHT is finally on Facebook100Oct-11
Ipoh and the Kinta Valley100Oct-11
Reservoirs, Aqueducts & Dams100Oct-11
AUS-Heritage Forum: Progressing with Heritage100Oct-11
Revitalisation, the Process of100Oct-11
Penang's Disappearing Thai Heritage100Oct-11
Police Graves from the 1946-60 Emergency100Oct-11
Botanic Gardens, Saga of the Arches and the Future of100Oct-11
Memorial to Marquess Cornwallis in St. George's Church100Oct-11
Statue of Francis Light100Oct-11
Tua Pek Kong Temple100Oct-11
Lee Rubber Factory, Paya Terubong, site visit100Oct-11
Swiftlet Breeding in the World Heritage Site100Oct-11
Preservation & Destruction in Penang's Development101Apr-12
On a Wing & a Prayer: Regulating the Swiftlet Nesting Industry101Apr-12
Penang Heritage Trust supports Chief Minister, press statement101Apr-12
Batu Uban as a Historic Landmark101Apr-12
Penang Past & Present - the Future?101Apr-12
Old Town of Hoi An, Vietnam - lessons for George Town?101Apr-12
Pulau Tikus Cross Currents101Apr-12
Anti-War Memorial, Ayer Itam Road101Apr-12
Student Internship Programme101Apr-12
Talk by Prof. Shinji Shigematsu101Apr-12
Dinner Discussion with Judy Cheng-Hopkins101Apr-12
Loke Villa Fundraiser Visit101Apr-12
Oasis Hotel, 23 Love Lane, site visit101Apr-12
Restored Disted College Premises, site visit101Apr-12
Japanese Bombing of George Town, a talk101Apr-12
Caledonia Estate, site visit101Apr-12
Penang Sugar Estates, a talk101Apr-12
Mystery of Rubber Estate Manager's Murder101Apr-12
Most Imortant Endangered Sites, 2012 Listing102Nov-12
Governor's Bungalow, 1, Sepoy Lines: listed as endangered102Nov-12
Sepoy Lines No 1: listed as endangered102Nov-12
Khaw Loh Hup & Khaw Boo Aun town house: listed as endangered102Nov-12
Main Road No 20, Bukit Tambun: listed as endangered102Nov-12
Chung They Phin villa, Relau: listed as endangered102Nov-12
Udini House, Gelugor: listed as endangered102Nov-12
Shih Chung School, listed as endangered: listed as endangered102Nov-12
Northam Road No 11: listed as endangered102Nov-12
Tanjung Tokong Malay Village: listed as endangered102Nov-12
Runnymede: listed as endangered102Nov-12
St Joseph's Novitiate, redevelopment102Nov-12
Burmah Lane, Siamese houses102Nov-12
Tunnel proposed for Batu Ferringhi road102Nov-12
Penang: Rites of Belonging in a Malaysian Chinese Community, review102Nov-12
Siamese Heritage, Celebration102Nov-12
Phraya Manopakorn Nititada102Nov-12
Heritage villages, loss of102Nov-12
Jawi Peranakan houses, loss of102Nov-12
Swiftlet Farming prohibited, three year grace period ended103May-13
Chung They Phin villa, Relau: site visit103May-13
Penang Transport, Master Plan, concerns103May-13
Swiftlet Farming, letter urging urgent action103May-13
Penang: An inside guide to its historic homes, buildings: review103May-13