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Better Cheaper Faster Penang Transport Master Plan

Better Cheaper Faster Penang Transport Master PlanPenang Forum, a coalition of NGOs and civil activists in Penang, had on 13th July 2016 launched an alternative Transport Master Plan called ‘Better Cheaper Faster Penang Transport Master Plan’ (BCF Plan).

The launch of the BCF Plan report, and its website ( was held in the Women’s Centre for Change (WCC) building at 10am, and were attended by members of the press, Penang Forum as well as observers including those from SRS Consortium, the project delivery partner for the PTMP.

The BCF Plan, in its details, questions the RM40billion Penang Transport Master Plan proposed by SRS Consortium (a joint venture company involving Gamuda Berhad, Ideal Property Development Sdn Bhd and Loh Phoy Yen Holdings Sdn Bhd). It also questions the Zenith-BUCG venture tasked to develop the cross-channel tunnel linking the north coast of Penang to northern mainland Penang.

The BCF plan takes its name from the following aspects:

  • Better – A better choice of alternative public transports to choose from, including the modern trams and BRT (Bus Rail Transits). All these are options to the proposed LRT and monorail lines and the two Pan-Island Link highways proposed on Penang Island
  • Cheaper – A choice of cheaper options;RM83 – RM115 million/km for the construction of modern day trams, as opposed to RM220 million/km for LRT. The report also questions the financial viability, risks and contingencies that are not addressed in the SRS-proposed PTMP. BCF Plan also questions the State and its ability to bear any liabilities incurred should the consortium fail to build, operate and manage the proposed public transport services.
  • Faster – A choice of public transportation systems that can be implemented faster, without major road works, land acquisition, reclamation, hill cutting and tree felling situations. The BRT can be revised and put into action as it works on the present road systems available in Penang.

The full reports, executive summaries and press statements can be view at Better Cheaper Faster website.

The Malay version of the press release can be viewed here / Kenyataan media dalam Bahasa Malaysia boleh dibaca dari sini.

The Chinese version of the press release can be viewed here更好,更便宜,更快落实的槟城交通大蓝图方案 和网址